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an appleThe history of the apple is as long as the history of mankind. Apples are one of the most nutritious and healthy foods, containing vitamins A and B and moderate amounts of calcium, iron and phosphorus. Apples have high amounts of pectin which helps to promote good digestion. When you eat a freshly hand-picked sun kissed apple with the skin on, you consume 22 milligrams of vitamin C. A fresh crisp apple is the perfect snack. A Little Apple History...

On crisp autumn days in September and October it is a family tradition to pick apples. In earlier times it was an event to gather and store apples for the cold winter when fresh fruit was not available. Presently it is a fun-filled family activity to enjoy the outdoors and pick fresh apples for snacks and cooking. Interesting Apple Facts..

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Below is a list of our most commonly sold apple varieties listed in order of ripening date.
(Weather conditions can hasten or delay these harvest dates.)

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Lodi: An excellent early summer apple. Outstanding for cooking. Makes a fine grained sauce. Introduced in 1924 by the New York State Agricultural Station. Has a short shelf life.

Yellow Transparent: Excellent for sauce and pies. Has a great tart flavor for eating. An apple of Russian origin and very old. Has a short shelf life.

Vista Bella: Very early season apple. Ripens late July. Medium-sized apple with light yellow-green skin. Flushed deep red where exposed to sun. Great eating apple. Cross between NJ 773449 and July Red. Introduced in 1974 by the New Jersey Agricultural Station.

Jersey Mac: McIntosh type apple ripening in mid-August. Good flavor for eating. Medium firm flesh. Cross N.J. #24 and July Red. Introduced in 1971 by New Jersey Experimental Station.

Whitney Crab Apple: Use to cross-pollinate. Large, yellow crab apples. Ripens August to early September.

Early McIntosh: Decidedly sweet, somewhat small apple. Good for eating fresh and apple sauce. Crisp when freshly picked. Cross between McIntosh and Yellow Transparent. New York Experiment Station 1923.

Mid June - Strawberries
Mid July - Raspberries
Early August - Blueberries
Mid August - Peaches
August-September - Pears
Late September - Plums

Weather conditions can hasten or delay apple and other fruit harvest dates. This chart represents average apple harvest date for our area.


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