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Orchard Tours

In the fall, we welcome small groups of all ages for orchard tours and wagon rides. Each year we also host many school group field trips. Please call  (802) 372.4848  or email us to schedule a tour.

Pick Your Own is CLOSED for the 2019 season!

We usually open our orchard to picking after Labor Day but the time really depends on the apples. If you would like to be notified when apple picking becomes available please call us (802) 372.4848 and we will notify you by email.

Average Harvest Dates for Other Fruits

Mid June - Strawberries
Mid July - Raspberries
Early August - Blueberries
Mid August - Peaches
August-September - Pears
Late September - Plums

Apple Harvest Dates

Weather conditions can hasten or delay apple and other fruit harvest dates. This chart represents average apple harvest date for our area.

Early Mid Late
July Lodi (7/25)
Yellow Transparent (7/25)
Vista Bella (7/29)
August Jersey Mac (8/7)
Zestar (8/11)

August McIntosh(8/15)

Crab Apple (8/20)
Paula Red (8/20)
Ginger Gold (8/23)
Milton (8/23)
September State Fair (9/1)
McIntosh (9/10)
Gala (9/10)

Cortland (9/15)
Honey Crisp (9/15)
Liberty (9/20)
Macoun (9/20)
Red Haralson (9/20)
Jonagold (9/20)
Greening (9/20)
October Yellow Bellflower (10/1)
Emprie (10/1)
Red Delicious (10/10)
Thompson King (10/15)
Cameo (10/15)
Idared (10/20)
Crispin (Mutsu)(10/20)
Northern & Red Spy (10/20)

Visit our Picnic and Play Areas!

play structure at hacketts orchard south hero vt
picnic and play area hacketts orchard south hero vt